Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Reading for a Foggy Friday

The rains have finally let up here at Andalusia, but the mud, dampness, and chill remain. Our hinny, Flossie, seeks refuge from the dreariness in her barn, while the peafowl retreat to their perches in the covered, back part of the aviary. How do we humans escape the gloom of a day such as this? With a good book and a cup of tea! If you are in the mood to curl up with a good read by the fireplace, let me call your attention to two books we have recently added to the Andalusia gift shop. Writers of the American South is a handsome volume by Hugh Howard that combines literary criticism, biography, and magnificent photography. It also contains some humorous anecdotes about the literary luminaries from Dixie. The other book, American Writers at Home by J.D. McClatchy, is a beautiful coffee table book that reveals through word and photograph how the physical space where an author lived influenced his or her writing. Of course, both of these books pay appropriate attention to our favorite author and the dairy farm in middle Georgia where she penned some of the greatest stories in American literature. Visit Andalusia and check out these two books. You can also buy them and any other items in our gift shop by telephone (478-454-4029). Your purchases support our efforts to preserve this major literary landmark.


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