Friday, January 8, 2010


Is it ever cold here at Andalusia. So cold in fact that there is a thin layer of ice on the pond. In spite of the freezing weather, we are able to maintain a level of comfort in the house that O'Connor and her mother did not always enjoy. In a letter to Betty Hester from 1960, O'Connor talks about the inconveniences of farm life in the dead of winter: "During this last spell of weather, we had no water or lights and the peacocks came down from the tree in the morning with their tails frozen stiff and went limping about until the middle of the day looking very miserable." (Habit of Being - p. 379). When it got this cold, O'Connor's fingers would get so numb that typing became difficult. Nevertheless, she perservered in her craft and maintained a practice of writing at least two hours every morning.

Andalusia is breathtaking any time of the year, but in the winter it takes on an austere beauty that must be experienced. Put on your warm woolen mittens and come visit us!


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