Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arctic Andalusia

Despite a snow and ice storm that paralyzed much of the South early in the week, our intrepid director, Craig, braved the elements on Monday and opened the farm. With the exception of a lone pickup truck that drove through the property and left without stopping, we had no visitors on that day. I was not able to get to Milledgeville on Monday due to ice covering every paved surface between here and my home in Macon. On the heels of this storm we are now being blasted by unusually frigid temperatures. Yesterday morning it was as cold in middle Georgia as it was in Cincinnati. The peacocks seem to be more sluggish than usual as it seems to me they are trying to conserve as much body heat as possible. I'm doing the same and, for the second time this winter, am wearing long johns to work. The propane heaters in the house are running on high and are just barely able to keep up. If it gets as cold as it's supposed to tonight, I wouldn't be surprised to see a layer of ice covering the pond when I get here tomorrow morning.
- Mark

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