Friday, November 12, 2010

A Nice November

It's a common misconception that October is the peak month for fall color. While that may be true up north, down here in middle Georgia November is our month of burnished beauty. And no place is lovelier in autumn than Andalusia farm. This week has been absolutely gorgeous. While we've had to contend with a small army of ladybugs on the front porch - not unusual for this time of year - our visitors have enjoyed some of the nicest days of the fall so far. Monday afternoon was so fine that I decided to go outside to replenish the gift shop's inventory of pond water and red clay. Yes, these may be some of the quirkier items we sell, but there are many die-hard O'Connor fans out there who want to take a little bit of Andalusia home with them and gladly pay $2.00 for this unique keepsake. Speaking of one-of-a-kind items in our gift shop...this week we received a fresh supply of our most popular postcards. They are, of course, the darling portrait of Flannery when she was two years old, concentrating on the picture book in her lap. These adorable postcards are a bargain at $1.00 ea., but the supply is limited.
- Mark

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