Friday, September 17, 2010

While I was away...

The days continue to be dusty and dry here at Andalusia. Though temperatures remain high for this time of year, the lower humidity makes it considerably more comfortable. Officially, summer lasts a few more days. However, fall is most definitely on the way. A sure sign of this is the number of pecans that have fallen in the backyard. Another sign of fall is the plans that are underway for our Bluegrass concert coming up October 2. While I was away on a short staycation this week, a permanent light standard was erected behind the nail house to illuminate our parking area for this concert and any other nighttime events we might host in the future. During my absence a class of Georgia College students was out at the farm almost every day filming a documentary about Flannery O'Connor and Andalusia. Also, a group of biology students from the college continues to study the pond and its ecosystem. Don't be surprised if you visit us and happen to see students wading in the water taking samples and recording their observations. With an above-average daily attendance of over 30 visitors, I think you can see that it's been pretty busy out here at the O'Connor farm this week. We're never too busy, though, to welcome new friends. If you've never been to Andalusia, we invite you to come and visit us during these balmy days of early fall.
- Mark

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