Friday, August 6, 2010

Scraggly Squawkers

'Tis the season for birds of all feathers to lose their plumage. The peafowl at Andalusia are no exception. During the last week I have been raking up feathers by the wheelbarrowful. The male is looking especially scraggy these days with only a couple feathers from his once regal train now sticking out at odd angles. Seeing our birds this scruffy reminds us that they have now been living happily in captivity at Andalusia for a year. When we got the birds last August, they were molting as they timidly adapted to their new environs. I am happy to report that they are now thriving.

Just arrived in our gift shop...the 2010 edition of The Flannery O'Connor Review ($15.00). In this beautifully edited journal be sure to check out the review of Lorraine Murray's new book, The Abbess of Andalusia. Murray's much-in-demand account of Flannery O'Connor's spiritual journey is also available for purchase in the gift shop ($16.95).

Last but not least...birthday wishes are in order for Andalusia's executive director, Craig Amason, who passed the half-century mark August 4th. Happy Birthday, Craig!
- Mark

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