Friday, February 12, 2010

Battening Down the Hatches

With a major winter storm on the way and most of the schools in the area closed, we have been busy getting ready for whatever mother nature dishes up. This morning we gave the peafowl some extra feed and several fistfulls of cracked corn, one of their favorite treats. Craig also spread wheat straw in the coop to make the birds' shelter as snug as possible. One of the hens immediately began investigating her new digs (perhaps checking out a place to lay her eggs in the spring). In spite of the winter dreariness, all three birds appear happy and healthy. Though they are not taking food from our hands yet, as they did with Flannery, the peafowl are much more comfortable having us around and are used to our presence in the aviary. Flossie, the hinny, has been around here so long that nothing phases her. She simply retreats to the warm and secure confines of her barn. If we do get some snow, a rarity in middle Georgia, Craig and I have our digital cameras ready. A picture of the farm covered in white would make a lovely Christmas card this year.


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