Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cosmetic Work for the Main House

If you visit Andalusia in the coming weeks, there is a good chance that the main house will look somewhat disastrous. The last major work performed on the main house was ten years ago, before the Foundation acquired Andalusia. Thanks to generous gifts from individual donors and a fundraising campaign through the Flannery O'Connor Society, the main house is receiving some much-needed attention from local contractors. Specifically, portions of the exterior wood surfaces are being repaired or replaced as necessary and gutters are being repaired and additional downspouts installed. The whole exterior of the house will then be cleaned and repainted, including the front porch and the roof. Once the work is complete, we fully expect the main house to look better than ever. For more information about the work on the main house and how you can help with the fundraising campaign, check out the News & Events article on the Foundation's website. We would really appreciate your help.


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