Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flannery's Favorite for Christmas

Readers of Flannery O'Connor's biography know that the writer often took her main meal of the day at the Sanford House restaurant in downtown Milledgeville. Her favorite dinner was their fried shrimp with peppermint chiffon pie for dessert. As our Christmas gift to you, the loyal readers of this blog, here is the recipe for the Sanford House's famous pie:
3/4 cup evaporated milk
3/4 cup water
3 eggs, separated
1/8 teaspoon salt
whipped cream
6 "Starlight Kisses" (peppermint candies made by Southern Home (or 1 oz. of any peppermint candies with corn syrup, sugar, and natural oil of peppermint)
1 tablespoon plain gelatin
1/4 cup cold water
Keebler's Chocolate Ready Crust
chocolate syrup

Soak gelatin in cold water. Combine milk and water and scald in double boiler. Dissolve candy in warm, diluted milk. Beat egg yolks with 1/4 cup sugar and add to scalded milk. Cook until mixture starts to coat spoon. Remove from heat and add gelatin. Set aside to cool. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry while slowly adding 1/2 cup sugar. Carefully incorporate egg whites into the custard. Pour into chocolate shell and refrigerate. Spread whipped cream over top just before serving and dribble chocolate syrup over the cream.
The editor of the Sanford House Cookbook, Mary Jo Thompson, adds that "this is a most unusual dessert. Very light and a flavor you won't forget." Unforgettable. Just like the author who enjoyed this dessert so much.
From all of us here at Andalusia....have a very merry Christmas.
- Mark

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