Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barnyard Buzz

What a big surprise I had on Monday morning when I went out to feed the peafowl. One of the hens had laid an egg! Then yesterday, when Craig went out to the aviary, another egg was discovered on the ground. The hens seem clueless about what to do now and have largely ignored the eggs. Ironically, the male demonstrates more curiosity than they do. Since the eggs are sitting on the ground abandoned, they will have to be discarded. Hopefully, Mary Grace's and Joy-Hulga's maternal instincts will kick in soon. Not that we want to breed peafowl mind you - at least not yet. The aviary in its present dimensions can only accommodate the three birds we already have.

In other news, it seems that summer is fast approaching. The Chinaberry trees have lost their blooms as our daytime temperatures approach 90. It's warm enough that we've had to turn on the air conditioners in the house, yet it's still pleasant enough outside and the humidity remains comfortably low. All in all, a perfect time of year to visit this picturesque farm.

- Mark

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