Friday, April 9, 2010

Puddles of Pollen

Until yesterday's rain, Andalusia was blanketed in a haze of pine pollen. Even the bright red roof of the main house was covered with the yellow powder. For those of us who have lived in middle Georgia for a while, the arrival of the pine pollen signals the beginning of long, mild spring days and, for some, sniffles and sneezes. Maybe it has something to do with the wet, cold winter we had, but most locals can't remember the pollen being this heavy. Fortunately, yesterday's rain cleaned the air, slaked parched gardens, and created puddles of yellow pollen on the ground. Today the lines at the local car washes will be pretty long as midstaters rinse the pollen off their vehicles that the rain didn't. After you get your car washed, why not consider decorating it with one of our brand new bumper stickers? These one of a kind items are only $4 each and are available for purchase in the Andalusia gift shop or by phone order.


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