Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks to Karin Slaughter

Our Foundation hosted an evening with Karin Slaughter last Monday night at the Milledgeville public library. The weather was horrible with plenty of mist and fog, but we still had a respectable group of over twenty people, some of whom are really big fans of Slaughter's work. It was actually a very intimate setting in the Special Collections Room of the library, with folks sitting around the large conference table, with Karin at the head of the table. She read from one of her short stories, which was quite a departure from her suspense novels. She fielded questions after her reading and talked about growing up in the Atlanta area and how it affected her writing. She was absolutely charming, very approachable, and obviously quite relaxed. I am grateful to the library for providing the venue and to Waldenbooks in Milledgeville for having books on hand for the guests to purchase and have signed by the author. Most of all, I am very thankful to Karin for her willingness to donate her time in coming down from Atlanta for this special event and wish her all kinds of success with her upcoming books.


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