Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lord willing and the creek don't rise . . .

The southern states got more than their fair share of rain this week (not that we're complaining since we are in the middle of a terrible multi-year drought). More than four inches fell in less than twenty-four hours, which turned Tobler Creek into a raging river and placed a good portion of the Lower Tobler Creek Trail under water. I am happy to report, however, that both of the new bridges held up marvelously, along with their approaches. We have to close down the trail temporarily when we get flooding rains, but these occurences are quite rare. If nothing else, the rains filled the pond back to full pool again, which will make the fish very happy.



Moderator said...

Your theological insight and passion for Flannery's work has me dusting off my old volumes and re-visiting an old friend.

Thank you for your hospitality.
Check out a blog, whose images and poetry bear influences of Flannery O'Connor, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan. What a trilogy!

Greg Brown

Andalusia, Home of Flannery O'Connor said...

Thanks for dropping by!