Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bridge Work

No, I'm not talking about teeth. Louis Kaduk, supervising contractor for the development of the Outdoor Learning Center at Andalusia, has gathered his group of volunteers for another work day this week to construct a second bridge across Tobler Creek to complete the loop for the Lower Tobler Creek Trail. This bridge connects two raised berms leading to the creekbed, so it provides a more elevated view of the surrounding area than the lower bridge does. If you haven't walked the trail at Andalusia, the coming months would be an ideal time as the temperature begins to drop back to more comfortable levels. By the middle of September, the trail will feature new interpretive signs linking the landscape to O'Connor's fiction. You will also notice small tree labels along the trail, around the pond, and near the main house, identifying the various species on the property. If you love the outdoors and learning from nature, Andalusia is exactly where you want to visit.


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